May 3, 2007
Our monthly "Cocoanut Grove" @ The Melody Inn
made the Top 10 Live
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Summer, 2005
Review in The Century City View
Read the review here.

December 21, 2003
Be sure to tune to WTPI between noon and 1pm. We will be interviewed on air live from H.H. Gregg.

November 28, 2003
WTPI's Jazz Sampler "The Flavors of Indy Jazz" is released in stores. Sponsored by H.H. Gregg, all proceeds will benefit Indy jazz outreach programs. Four Sexes tune "A Secret Rendezvous" appears on this collection.

November 19, 2003
WTPI hosts a CD pre-release party for the Jazz Sampler at the Jazz Kitchen. Members of Four Sexes were interviewed on air by Chuck Workman discussing our contribution to the CD.